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List Of Interesting Dissertation Titles Related To Education

The construction of a dissertation is one of the single most important projects required of a student during their academic careers. The choice of topic can significantly affect how difficult it is to complete their project and many students spend quite some time trying to decide on a topic. Here are ten dissertation titles related to education for your consideration:

  1. Teacher and student relationship
  2. The relationship between a student and teacher can greatly affect the effectiveness of the teaching experience and more practices should be developed to foster better relationships between students and teachers.

  3. The effects of excessive homework
  4. Many people feel like a student should be allowed free time to develop areas of life. Investigate the possibility that homework negatively affects both educational and personal aspects of a student’s development.

  5. The syllabus be changed immediately when new discoveries are made
  6. The school environment provides a very different impression on science from what it is in practice. Implementing the full scope of scientific principles to students at a younger age can encourage more students to pursue a career in science.

  7. Mixed-sex education vs single-sex
  8. Explore the possible differences in results that can be expected in academic performance between students of same sex schools and those of mixed-sex schools. Does the structure of a school system affect academic performance?

  9. Is the education system designed to better suit males?
  10. In our not so distant history, males were allowed to benefit from education while females were denied that privilege. Investigate the possibility that our education system still contains practices that are intentionally disadvantageous to females.

  11. Should religion be allowed to influence the educational syllabus?
  12. Religion quite often has an opinion about scientific discoveries and have in many cases influenced the school syllabus to suit their beliefs.

  13. Does easy internet access negatively affect the education process?
  14. Any student can perform an internet search to find answers easily and this may affect the research capabilities of students.

  15. Should students be allowed to teach each other?
  16. Student tutors should be regulated and only qualified teachers should be allowed to teach.

  17. Does ethnicity affect the academic potential of the individual?
  18. Is there any evidence to support the notion that certain races are smarter than others?

  19. Should the age of entry into the education system be changed?
  20. Is there any evidence to support that notion that children should be allowed to enjoy a care free child hood for longer than the usual age of entrance into the education system allows for?

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