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How To Succeed With A Dissertation Proposal On Marketing

The purpose of writing a proposal, especially in marketing, is to influence the reader that the procedures and methods that will be used in research are possible. The proposal is also there to convince your audience that the strategies proposed will not only be beneficial to the marketing community but also somehow advance it. In a sense, it is a design of what your dissertation will be about. The steps involved in writing a proposal are:

  1. Choose a topic
    • Like any topic that you are writing, pick something you are interested in. Do not make it a broad topic but be able to narrow it down so that it becomes easier to go through with the analysis. It will make researching that much more fun. When choosing a topic, make sure it reflects the current marketing environment, which we know is ever changing. Keep your audience in mind (marketing professionals) while remaining practical.

  2. Search for references
    • You have picked a topic and now it is time to find background information about it. You can find the relevant information from a number of sources such as:

      • Books
      • Television news
      • Newspaper
      • Internet
      • Journals/articles
      • Other studies and experiments

      • Framework for dissertation (research outline)

        • This will include your research methodology along with data collection methods. It will also present issues that you plan to explore in your dissertation.

      • Form a theory

        • Based on the background information you have collected and the issues you wish to explore, you will have to form a theory about how your topic will help the marketing world. It will usually be back up with your experimental data and studies.

        After having all of this in the paper, the structure of your proposal will be something like this:

        • Dissertation title and your name
        • Purpose of your study
        • Research questions (that will be answered)
        • The extent of your study
        • Literature review (from credible sources)
        • Research materials and methods
        • Your data collection methods (including estimated budget and timeframe for conducting the experiment)
        • Conclusion
        • References

        Here are a few broad possible categories to delve deeper into:

        • Relationship marketing
        • Direct marketing
        • Social networking
        • Online marketing

The acceptance of your proposal is the aim when it comes to writing it. It means that the committee finds that your research will contribute to the field of marketing. By following these suggestions and steps, it will be possible for you to complete your proposal successfully.

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