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A List Of Powerful Dissertation Topics To Consider: Tips For Students

When it comes to dissertation topics, there are a few rules to keep in mind. One should always consider the correct format when coming up with your own topic, and the content is just as important. Your topic will also determine how much research capability you give yourself. So here is some advice and some examples of dissertation topics:

  1. The content of your topic
  2. Your content must be interesting, significant and clear.

    • Interesting: IThe title should grab the attention of the reader and whet his or her appetite.

    • Significant: It should contribute something of value to the reader so as to solve a problem or offer an explanation.

    • Clear: There must be no doubt in the reader’s mind what the paper is about.

    Some examples:

    • How climate change will affect city dwellers in the next 20 years
    • Terrorism in America: Why we should still be concerned
    • A detailed journal of the differences between organic and GMO food

  3. How to word your topic

  4. Wording is very important because the way you structure your title will determine how it is received. Some clever ways of doing this is to:

    • Ask a question—which implies that you will provide the answer
    • Promise to explain a step by step process
    • Offer the reader an adventure of information exploration if they read your paper

    Some examples:

    • Has America been abandoned by God: Modern day living in light of traditional Christianity
    • Do I have your vote: A detailed description on how to launch a political campaign
    • An exploration of wine making in South Africa

  5. Balancing your topic correctly

  6. A good topic establishes a guideline for the writer as well as the reader. You will often refer back to your main title in order to stay on track throughout the writing process, so make sure you have one that is balanced by doing the following:

    • Mentioning points that narrow in on your subject
    • Point out a reference to sufficient research matter
    • Avoid deviating from a direction that is pertinent to the subject

    Some examples:

    • The need for an electric car: How the fuel price affects our way of life
    • Analyzing obesity in America: A look at 50 years of statistics
    • An historic look at the conquests of Alexander the Great

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