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Things To Know About The English Literature Dissertation Format

Throughout your academic life, there is no day writing an essay, a term paper, a dissertation or a thesis will be exempted. However, it is imperative to note that the nature and technicality of any academic paper varies with regard to the level of your academic level. As one progress from high school when writing an essay is the norm through undergraduate studies to tertiary learning institutions, there is every necessity to fine tune writing skills as this will always enable one partake on advance writing assignments. English literature studies are not as much studied in high school as it is the case in college or University. On this premise, if you have decided to be a linguist, then English literature is probably a subject you will get to study at advanced levels of academia and this means, dissertation writing is something you should be well-versed with. Well, among other requirements, crafting a term paper in college demands than one not only fine tunes writing skills but also understands how best a paper should be formatting.

Definitively, formatting is making sure that your article or essay or term paper is presentable and this always involves looking into the aspect of font sizes, typefaces and alignment. Every type of academic writing style has formatting rules and so, this is something you should always take seriously even as you format your English literature paper. In this article, we take a look at some issues that you should known concerning the format of English literature paper, so read on for more details.

The title page components

Well, every academic paper must always have this section. It is useful in the sense that it identifies you, the course you are taking, the name of your department, institution, name of your supervisor and the date on which you will have submitted your paper. These should be written using the recommended font type, spacing and font size and centrally placed. This page is always stand-alone, meaning it has not page number.

Writing your abstract

This section is a very crucial component of your paper. It serves to highlight your study purpose, methodology, research design, tools and objectives. It should be very short, say 250 words for a dissertation paper.

Literature review

Depending on the topic and title of your paper, the information you include in this section is notwithstanding important and should be verifiable.

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