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List Of 10 Potential Dissertation Topics On Brand Loyalty

Creating a complete dissertation is a task that needs a lot of hard work and dedication. It is a process of writing that has its own technicalities and format. Therefore, it should be done with complete knowledge and homework. There might be academic writing helping classes at your university. If there is one, you should better attend it because this class will help you lot in learning the basics of dissertation writing.

The most important factor in writing a great dissertation is the main subject of your research work, and you should be careful while selecting it. There are several potential topics on brand loyalty that you can choose as the subject of your research, and while selecting, you should see the scope of your topic and how easily you can generate enough data about it. Here is the list of some great topics on brand loyalty:

  1. The research on how brand loyalty affects the interaction of virtual brand community.
  2. A thorough study of the online brand community, its impact, commitment and loyalty relationship.
  3. Research based on the influencing elements of sports brand loyalty of school students.
  4. A complete study on how the integration of brand community affects brand loyalty.
  5. A study on how the consumer’s nostalgia, which is based on brand attitude, can affect brand loyalty.
  6. The analysis of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  7. An experimental study of the important factors for the development of brand loyalty.
  8. Research on the elements that affect mobile phone brand loyalty of young generation.
  9. Study of the Grass root consumer marketing and the way it can build brand loyalty with the help of young generation.
  10. The study of the role of Facebook in building brand loyalty.
  11. The analysis of the impact of financial crises on brand loyalty.
  12. A study of the brand loyalty and cosmetic industry.

You can do your research work on any of the above topics which are all related to brand loyalty. However, you must try to bring uniqueness to your work through working on the new and fresh aspects of the subject you have selected. Even if the subject matter of your work is the same as that of others, try to perform your research in a different way that could help in creating your individuality.

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