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A Collection Of Unique Thesis Topics In Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is, quite possibly, a system in society that has been reviewed more times that any other and with good reason, it can be quite difficult, and tricky, deciding just how to deal with other humans beings fairly and humanely. If you look at countries around the world, it is quite easy to see that every country has elements in its criminal justice system, that can and should be improved or eliminated all together.

When writing a thesis, you want to ensure you choose a topic that won’t betray you in the end, either because you grow bored of it or you are simply unable to find the information necessary to complete your paper effectively. This can be difficult and experienced writers all know that this is the most important step in writing any paper. Consider the following topic option to help you choose a suitable topic for your thesis on criminal justice:

  1. What can be done about the rise in white on black killing in the united states?
  2. How should we address the issue of apparent favoritism based on racial affiliation present in the criminal court system of the US?
  3. If trained military officers are being persecuted based on their color, can it not be said that there is a major issue that needs to be addressed in the united states?
  4. What can be done to more effectively treat persons with drugs problems, instead of simply charging them as criminals?
  5. Does the death penalty actually stop violent crimes, or does it just get rid of the person most likely to commit these crimes?
  6. The difference between a cop that kills a person wrongfully and a regular citizen committing the same act, through the eyes of the law.
  7. The many ways the criminal justice system fails to effectively decrease crime.
  8. Prison is a breeding ground for hardened criminals, another solution to the crime problem has to be found.
  9. Small offenders should not be sent to jail, they should instead be provided with jobs and counseling where needed.
  10. It should be a crime for lawyers to lie on behalf of their clients.
  11. Judges that show sympathy to defendants are really showing favoritism.
  12. Delinquent fathers should be barred from their children, not forced to take responsibility due to legal action.
  13. Police officers need better law training.
  14. There is no relation between gun possession and crime
  15. Criminals are quite often the real victims.

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