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28 Interesting Dissertation Writing Ideas On Occupational Therapy

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by everything around you, and you need something to take away the stress. While some people prefer to wait for everything to pass, others search for solutions and they find relief in simple activities. If you want to write your dissertation on this theme, first take a look at these interesting writing ideas on occupational therapy:

  1. What is occupational therapy and when it appeared? You know all this, but your colleagues might not know.

  2. Is it more efficient for elderly people? Motivate your answer.

  3. Should you start with some goals, or you can use this as a relaxation method?

  4. Why this therapy is different for every individual?

  5. Holistic medicine; is this therapy a part of holistic medicine? Why?

  6. Why daily activities can relax us better than normal therapy?

  7. What are the effects of this therapy? Does it really work?

  8. Occupational therapy in school; how can students do this at school?

  9. Rehabilitation. Do you think that criminals can be rehabilitated through occupational therapy?

  10. Therapy in jails. Believe it or not, many offenders are obligated to do this, because it will bring them back on the right path.

  11. Can homework be part of the therapy? Is this a way to help the child and the parent bond?

  12. Autistic children. Why is this therapy so effective for them?

  13. Drawing . This is a frequent therapy technique, but why does it work so well?

  14. Group singing. For children with social problems, singing with other children can be the right way to heal.

  15. Veterans. If they are hired they can get over war traumas?

  16. Is this therapy more effective for males than females? Why?

  17. A connection between physical labor and mental health. You can use some quotations and references for this topic to prove your point in clear way.

  18. How can teachers promote a healthy lifestyle through occupational therapy?

  19. Sports for children. Is it helpful?

  20. It is a good idea to ask people with social anxiety to work in retail?

  21. Gardening. Why is this simple activity so relaxing?

  22. Working with children. Many depressed adults found relief when they started working with children and teenagers.

  23. Drug abuse. Can this therapy work when it comes to addicted teenagers? Motivate your opinion.

  24. Color therapy VS occupational therapy. Both of them are controversial, but which one works best?

  25. Animals as treatment. Did you know that cats and dogs can help people get over depression?

  26. Can alcoholics be cured with this kind of therapy?

  27. Elderly patients. What is the best technique for them?

  28. Limb amputation. Can we help these people to recover through occupational therapy?

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