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Free Tips On How To Publish Dissertation Chapters

You have finally finished writing your dreaded dissertation and have been told it is worth publishing because of its quality. The question is where to start? In order for your dissertation to really be of value to you, getting it published could get you noticed in the academic world. In order to do so, you will need to make a few adjustments. These can be found below.

  1. Get rid of the literature review. Reading a publication or book is not the same as reading a dissertation. Aside from answering your research question you do not have anything to prove so you don’t have to bore your readers with a literature review as they will hear all about your research techniques and sources in your dissertation.

  2. Take out bullet point and subsections. Now that you are publishing your work, the reader needs to feel like the story (research) is flowing. After all, it is an academic piece, and, therefore, complex enough to read as it is. You do not need to make it more complicated by having a thousand sections and subsections.

  3. Check for repetition. It is normal in any academic piece of work to tell your reader what you are going to say, and then say it, and then tell your reader what you told them. Cut this out, you should only use this in written academic pieces for your professor’s satisfaction or in a presentation. A book or publication should flow without every subsection having a start, middle, and end.

  4. Take out the footnotes. Not necessarily all of them!

  5. Bibliography. This is an important section to keep in your publication as readers will want to know your sources and potentially use them for their own personal research.

  6. One at a time! Make sure you only submit your journal article to one publication at a time.

  7. Keep it short and sweet. When you are re-writing your dissertation for publication purposes, keep it short and sweet. With the bookselling industry struggling financially, they want books that are smaller and sell quickly!

The best way to ensure that you are going to be published and more importantly ready to be published is by keeping this in mind when you are writing in the first place. Although you can’t write everything like a book when you are submitting your work, there are a few aspects that you can keep the same for both publishing and academic purposes. We recommend this site for the best advice on getting your dissertation chapters published.

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