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How To Write A Dissertation Results Section

The section on results in your dissertation gives you an opportunity to present your findings after testing your questions. This section may in fact be combined with discussing your findings. The decision to write it separately or combine it with discussion depends on instructions from the university. This section is aimed at revealing the significance of your findings on your thesis statement.

This section does not have to include everything that formed part of your field work. You are only supposed to include graphs, charts and figures that are significant to your findings. However, there must be a reflection of the method used to arrive at the results in the method section. This prohibits you from including new methods that were not discussed earlier.

What Determines The Results to Be Included?

Considering that not all results obtained from tests should be included on this section, your research questions should guide you on what to include and what to leave out. If a result is relevant to your research question, it should be included.

Having made a decision on what to include and what to leave out, it is time to consider the order. A chronological order is one of the options you have. This might be taxing to the reader because it fails to build up into an argument. The other option is results that are presented in the order of importance to your research questions. You may also choose to present your results based on the order of your research questions.

The Best Way to Present Results

There are numerous options that can be used to present results. They include graphs, charts, tables, figures, etc. Based on the nature of your data and the expectations of your department as well as dissertation supervisors, choose the best option. It is advisable that you use a variety of methods to present results. Variety makes it easier to understand the findings. The list of tables and figures should be included at the start of your paper.

Results are easier to present in a summarized form. The least number of words should be used ensuring that they are as clear and consistent as possible. They should be objective since discussions will take place later. Ensure that the texts and figures are complementary to avoid repetition. All the tables, figures, graphs, etc included in your presentation must be referred to during discussion. In case there is no need to refer to a table, it is an indication that such a table can be eliminated without affecting the strength of your arguments.

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