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How To Structure A Dissertation On Recruitment And Selection

The key word in the title of his article is of course structure. In writing a dissertation, so much time and effort will go into the selection of the topic, the gathering of research material, the writing of the actual dissertation and of course the editing and polishing of the work. Without that being of a very high quality your dissertation will not be greeted with enthusiasm.

But aside from all of the above there is the actual presentation or the structure of the dissertation which is of paramount importance. The first thing to determine concerns the rules set down by your college or university. It will have a series of requirements in terms of the structure and layout of your work. Deviate from these requirements at your own peril. You can be assured that the academic staff at your educational institution will be super aware of the requirements of the structure of your work. You need to study these requirements and even make a check-list to ensure you have the structure exactly as required.

Supervisors are there to assist

It is most important that you see your supervisor as a friend. That is to say someone who is there to offer advice, criticism and certainly guidance throughout the process of you completing your dissertation. In the topic of recruitment and selection it means you will almost certainly deal with recent or current activities. This is helpful in the sense that you would probably not be required to research the topic as it stood many decades ago. But on the other hand you really need to be up-to-date with current business practices.

Having determined the angle you will take on the topic of recruitment and selection, your planning and initial discussion with your supervisor is the key to your success. How will the information you write about fit into the structure of the dissertation?

Remember that the college will have rules regarding such things as the table of contents, [the TOC], any declaration that you make regarding your writing, the knowledge sources and a description and explanation of your abbreviations, the abstract, the introduction and of course even the selection of typeface and font size. Sort out these things well in advance so that the structure is taken care of and you can work at will on producing an outstanding dissertation.

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