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A List Of Unexplored Ph.D. Thesis Topics In Population Studies


This is a list of thesis topics that have not been fully explored in the area of population studies. No apparent research abstract has been documented in these research areas of study. A student at Ph.D. level who is interested in the field of Population Studies can often find an interest of study in any of these topics and explore them thoroughly.

The Basis

Seven signature themes characterize research areas here:

As a doctoral or post – doctoral student of Population Studies, you will finally be faced with the choice of a topic for your PHD thesis. In here there are presenting 13 unexplored or under-explored topic suggestions that you may find interesting.

  1. Emerging Importance of Early-Life and Health for the Reproduction of know-how advantage Across Birth force
  2. Essays on Child Well-being and Economic Wellbeing in sub-Saharan Countries
  3. Family Structure and Child Health and Economic wellbeing in East African countries
  4. Immigration Status and Child health in the Sub-Saharan countries
  5. The inconsistency of test period: Comprehending the Expansion of an "Alternative" to confinement during the penitentiary Boom
  6. Population Bottleneck: Demographic Knowhow and Fertility in Developing Countries
  7. Understanding the Sources of Racial and Gender Disparities in Childhood Aggression
  8. Population Dynamics, Fitness, and Labor Movements in Micronesia during the Japanese Occupation, 1920-1945
  9. Essays on High-School Educational Results in Sub-Sahara Africa
  10. Economic Effects of Child Support Enforcement on payment and receipt, remarriage and female labor supply
  11. Decentralization and local government performance in a corresponding move with application to social strategies reform in Kenya
  12. The effect of health interventions on socioeconomic differentials in infant and child mortality in Kenya
  13. Study of Fertility Differences between Women in First and Second Marriages about Divorce, Remarriage, and Childbearing


There is that time of the year when you will be required to write a thesis. Before you can actually start writing the full paper, you need to first present a proposal for approval. Keep in mind that writing a proposal on Population is not so different to writing a proposal on any other topic in other fields of study. The important thing is to use the University guide provided in your class. Having said that, you can seek the assistance of a thesis writing agency in case you have difficulties starting. You can also make use of the above useful titles on Population Study for writing your paper.

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