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How To Pick A Good Dissertation Topic On Youth Crime

Youth crime is a broad subject for writing any research paper. This is a highly sensitive topic and needs lots of precautions too. Most of the topics are not easily approved by majority of professors as they revolve around protection of juveniles for heinous acts where they need to be severely punished. If you are confused how to choose a topic, refer online websites for idea generation and topics.

How to narrow down your approach and decide on topic selection?

  1. Go through numerous dissertations and get an idea as in how topics are chosen:
  2. Check out all the dissertations published by trustworthy presses on youth crime like Cambridge Press, T & T Clark etc. Do go through their abstracts and the first chapter that displays methodologies.

    • When you choose the dissertation topic, your intention should be to penetrate the topic and generate ideas intensely.
    • Your dissertation should be set up in such a way that all the basic questions are answered with the ancillary sub-topics.
    • When you go through the previous students or publications, watch the types of questions and the modes in which they are answered.
    • Also observe methodologies employed to answer varied questions.

  3. Choose the youth crime topics that ignite your interest: To some extent, this situation is under your control, however when pressured by advisor, you have no options left. Read articles, journals, book reviews, commentaries etc written by heavy hitters and look at their criticism.
  4. Divide the topic into sub themes and consult with other scholars. If you agree with the conclusion, pick the topic instantly.
  5. Refer literature: Review literature for getting answers of complicated but interesting questions.
  6. Acquaint yourself with different methodologies:It would prevent you from committing mistakes regarding faulty terms.
  7. Seek assistance and analyze others advice: This is also called ‘hit or miss approach’ wherein you can consult your advisor or professor regarding critical thinking and clarifications associated with it. It would help you to nail down your thesis.
  8. Conclusion: This steps acts only as a scratch where you need to refer a variety of resources or friends but finally decide for a top scale topic on your own.
  9. Compatibility between theory and methods employed: Ensure that the methods that you employ match with your theory and vice-versa.
  10. Open ended question format: Another important element of your thesis topic is that your thesis statement should never be in the form of closed ended question.
  11. Last but most important keep your dissertation topic always interesting so that readers cannot stop themselves from going through it.

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