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Creating A Brilliant Conclusion For A Dissertation Proposal

Often, before you start working on your dissertation, you should submit a proposal so that your committee approves your project. One of the main parts of a good proposal is its conclusion. If you compose it poorly, your professor may ask you to rewrite your entire proposal. You should learn what to include in this section.

Elements of a Dissertation Proposal Conclusion

  1. Limitations.
  2. You should explain what factors will limit your actions and list the assumptions that you’ll conduct your study upon. You shouldn’t give a lot of details here because you’ll be able to explain all of this more carefully in your actual paper.

  3. Potential outcomes.
  4. Write about what you expect from your research and how your results will help other specialists. Don’t make any accurate predictions because if you can guess the outcome of your work, there is no sense in doing it.

  5. Sources.
  6. You should provide a list of books, articles, academic works, and web pages that you’re going to use in your study. This list can experience some changes in your final paper, of course.

  7. Timeframe.
  8. Last but not least, you should explain how you’re going to distribute your time working on your project and how long it should take you to complete it and submit your final paper.

Finding Dissertation Proposal Examples

To write a good proposal, one may need to look at a high-quality template. There are many places where you can search for proposal samples. The most obvious way is to approach your professor and ask whether they have an example that they can share with you. Templates provided by professors are usually very helpful.

You may also search for proposal examples in your university database. There, you should be able to find plenty of different academic works composed by other students. Take copies of several proposals on topics related to your own project.

Different writing labs and academic centers are also good sources to seek proposal samples. However, you may not always use the services of such sources for free.

The Internet is full of different examples too. However, not all of them are of top-quality, so be careful downloading files from online databases.

Searching for Tutors

To complete your dissertation successfully, you may need the assistance of a professional who will guide you through each phase of your work. Professional tutors can be found by spreading the word among your friends. You may also seek their contact details on thematic web resources.

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