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Writing An Effective Dissertation Methodology: 10 Vital Tips

When you write a dissertation, the methodology is the most important step. If the methodology is wrong then the whole paper can turn out to be baseless and hard to comprehend. You will have to write a proper paper and for that you will have to work on the methodology. There are so many different ways that can make the paper go astray that is important to plan ahead. Here are ten tips on the methodology.

Ways to get the methodology right:

  1. Highlight the details on the methods you have used to make the paper a success. You will have to give details on the kind of process you had to go through to get all the information together and how you had intended to finish the paper.

  2. The methodology section comes at the beginning part of the paper. Here you will have to describe the process but do not go in to the finer details. For instance you can say that you had taken interview of so and so people to make the research more authentic and credible. But you do not have to give any details of the interview questions or what answers were given. These things will come in the main body of the paper.

  3. If you are going to do any experiments then you can write about it. But then again do not go in to too many details.

  4. Write in a descriptive manner and explain all the methods that you have used in a simple manner.

  5. Go through some of the templates and sample papers to understand how it is done. You can also ask your professors to know what steps are involved in writing a good methodology.

  6. Explain how you analyzed the data and found out the relevance with the topic in question.

  7. If you have undertaken a survey, you will have to write how you did it, just like the interview you do not need the finer details but what kind of people were surveyed and why you choose a specific locality.

  8. Use easy and simple language.

  9. Once you have finished writing the methodology do some proofreading to make it error free. No one wants grammatically incorrect content at the beginning of the paper.

  10. You must also edit the parts and make it crisp. There should not be unnecessary information in the methodology.

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