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Selection Of 20 PhD Thesis Topics In Health Care

Health care is one of the most profitable yet an essential business that is taking the world by storm. There are several issues that still need to be sorted out. But it will not be wrong to state that healthcare is one of the most advanced fields of human innovation. But none of this really counts when you are writing an academic paper on the topic. You will always need to explain things from the scratch and you may not always be pleased with the results.

To understand healthcare paper writing, it is wiser to take a look at some of the best topics that are present over the internet. We collected 20 great topics for PhD thesis on healthcare for you.

20 great PhD thesis topics on healthcare

  1. Look at the problem of healthcare in the third world: how can the developed nations be of help?
  2. USA healthcare: why is there no free healthcare in the richest country of the world?
  3. Account for the reasons on why India generates so many doctors yearly
  4. The AIDS menace: how well has awareness spreading benefitted in countering the disease?
  5. The third world health issue: what is the role of hygiene?
  6. How implemental has the UN been in improving healthcare in Africa?
  7. Africa and PPTCT: what is the role of cultural beliefs?
  8. How are some good healthcare practices prevented by conservative ideology?
  9. Is it true that America has become the breeding center of diseases in the modern world?
  10. Take the example of India and explain the evolution of self-reliant healthcare
  11. Chinese healthcare remedies: how is tradition finally paying off for the dragon?
  12. The role of Ayurverda in modern healthcare
  13. How does meditation go hand in hand with all forms of healthcare practiced today?
  14. The evolution of prescription drugs as a mode of substance abuse: countermeasures
  15. An insight into the backward approach of modern psychiatric drugs
  16. Leveling up of some of the best healthcare practices in the world
  17. Invite comments of readers on why healthcare need immediate revamping in the US
  18. Comment on the emerging low-cost solutions for long-standing health woes typically coming from Asia
  19. What is the role of Japan in creating new equipment and technology for healthcare improvement?
  20. Cite a few examples of negligence in healthcare by government health institutions

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