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Everything You Need To Know About APA Dissertation Citation Format

Dissertations that are written in behavioral and social sciences usually use the American Psychological Association format. To write a good paper in APA style, you should learn plenty of details. It’s advisable to get the sixth edition of the APA handbook that contains thorough descriptions.

How to Write a Dissertation in the APA Format

  1. General Guidelines.
  2. Use double-spacing throughout the entire text and create margins equal to one inch on all sides for every page of your paper. It’s advisable to use a clear 12 pt. font. Every page of your paper should have a running head written in all caps. A running head is a concise version of your paper’s name. The running head should be in the top left corner of every page and the page number should be in the top right corner. The title of your paper, abstract, main body, and bibliography should start on new pages.

  3. The title page.
  4. Here, your running head should look a little bit different compared to other pages. The words “running head” and a colon should be included before the shortened title. In the upper half of the page, center the name of your project. It should be written in title case and kept to twelve words in length. Your name should be written below the title. The information about your university should be given below your name.

  5. The abstract.
  6. This is a part of your dissertation where you briefly expound the contents of your entire document, including the outcomes of your work. On the first line of the page, center the word “Abstract,” then type your abstract. It should consist of a single paragraph no longer than 250 words. This paragraph doesn’t need any indentation. Below this paragraph, type the word “keywords” in italics followed by a colon and list the key terms of your paper in the standard font.

  7. References.
  8. To make an in-text citation, you should type the author’s name and the year of publication next to the referenced text. If you want to reference a specific page, you should also include the page number after the year of publication. At the end of your document, you should create a bibliography. List the sources in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

If you cannot put your paper together correctly, you may approach your professor for help. They should explain to you how to take each step. Visit them regularly to make fewer mistakes.

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